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190cc procomp heads Mustang Forums at StangNet.

05/10/30 · im not saying they are awesome but for the price of 500 picked up locally, for 252cfm intake compared to afr's intake cfm of 287, for the price of 2200, big price difference not a big flow difference, and im not assembling these heads my engine builder is and he has worked with procomp heads a number of times and has assured me they are good heads. 22/07/41 · Engine Performance Upgrade. Speedmaster offers a wide variety of aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads for both race and mild street applications. Find great deals on eBay for procomp heads sbf. Shop with confidence.

item 4 PROCOMP FORD ASSEMBLED ALUMINUM 190CC CYLINDER HEADS 302/351W - PROCOMP FORD ASSEMBLED ALUMINUM 190CC CYLINDER HEADS 302/351W. $884.25. $29.00 shipping. item 6 Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Ford 11R CNC Ported Street 190cc Cylinder Head SBF 56cc - Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Ford 11R CNC Ported Street 190cc Cylinder Head SBF 56cc. $844.99. 15/11/30 · When I had the ProComp 210's and used Felpro 1011-2 head gaskets. There is a better deal if you follow this advice: 1011-2 head gaskets from Summit are $36.95 each if you order Ford racing part M-6051-A302 from Summit you get a pair of felpro 1011-2'they have 1011-2 stamped right on them for $29.88 the only difference is the package. 25/08/39 · Procomp Electronics reviews : Parts missing from order. 351w block. Bad experience. Poor Service. Support. UNREALISTIC AIRFLOW CHART DO TO PORT RESTRICTION. PC3037 190CC SBF Heads.

Cylinder Heads. Cylinder Head Bushing Kits. Top End Kits. Cylinder Head Dowel Pins. Cylinder Head Fasteners. Cylinder Heads. Valve Guides. Valve Seats. Back. Filter 340 Products. Brand. Chevy SBC 350 Hyd FT 190cc Straight Plug Cylinder Head Top End Engine Combo Kit MLS. $795.70 $1,166.99. 5 Reviews. AFR - Renegade SBF High Performance Cylinder Heads. Our RENEGADE line of cylinder heads for the small block Ford, feature 100% 5-AXIS CNC ported intake, exhaust and combustion chambers; available in street and competition versions. The 165cc and 185cc models are CARB Certified EO D-250-3 for vehicles model year 1995 and older. While our 195cc, 205cc and 220cc heads are designed for.

Added-sbf procomp 190cc, Brodix Sts 5.0 SBF. I have started this page to help people make a decesion on what head they should buy. All of these flow figures cam from my EZ flow bench using Performance Trends electronics. All flow numbers are achieved using a 4.125inch bore. I. Think you have to scour the local bone yards to find a decent set of GM's old double hump or fuelie cylinder head castings? Not true. In fact, we've brought back classic Chevy performance in a big way with these ready-to-run heads for small block Chevy. Our versions of the popular GM cylinder heads offer great performance for less than it would cost to rebuild an old set of double hump castings. 01/03/39 · Ok Guys, don't hate me for posting about procomp heads. i got a damaged set with a car i bought and decided to just use them as an experiment on my strip/street 351w project. With that said. the purpose of this post will be to show you guys how i approached porting them. I'll speak to some. 08/09/32 · Looks like I'll be looking to find a deal on ProComp 210cc heads. He said he's seen them in the 650.00 range before. Or even the 190cc. That's a bit more than I was hoping but he's just saying what you guys have been saying.

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